EVERTILE COPPO – Authentic design of the mediterranian roof tiles


Authentic design of the mediterranian roof tiles

In 2007, Evertile was the first company in the world to introduce steel tiles with authentic Mediterranean design. We name this traditional European tile, COPPO. This unique product style is gaining popularity among clients throughout the world. COPPO tiles are much more durable and stronger than the original tiles from clay and yet uniquely beautiful.

The design of our VERONA tile is predominantly red with the hint of orange. It imitates the traditional clay roof tile in the North Eastern part of Italy. More specifically; Verona, Bologna and Venice.

Our SIENNA tile emits a pale yellow color, which imitates the traditional clay mud of the Tuscana region. More specifically, the city of Sienna. The contrast in colors provide an elegant and attractive appearance.

As of 2016, COPPO made an addition with incorperating Cubic Sand in the finishing product to ensure greater color consistency and overall durability. Cubic Sand not only creates the impression of a traditional tile, but it also suppresses the noise of the rain. When performing reconstructions, these tiles can reduce the load and provide no damage to the value and appearance of the structure.

Installation is fast and simple as tiles are secured onto battens or rails using screw nails. Our extensive list of accessories makes it really simple and convenient to install our product. Some accessories include: walk ways, grids, snow holders, solar panels, brackets, and trims. Additionally, we accommodate all satellites, vents and chimneys.

How many COPPO tiles and accessories do you need?

Calculate how many tiles you need to cover your roof with our web calculator or contact our customer service.

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Weight 6.7 kg/m2 Fire Resistance Windproof 30 years of warranty Traditional style Fast and simple installation Load up to 600 kg/m2

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Authentic design of the mediterranian roof tiles