Why is EVERTILE a better alternative when comparing it to ordinary shingles?

Due to safety, the number one reason is that EVERTILE products are fire resistant. Along with being wind proof, resistant to hail and extreme temperatures, EVERTILE brings great protection to your property which may also lower your home insurance. Other reasons include: more color stability, more appealing, ability to install onto exiting (bitumen shingle) roofs to add greater insulation and eliminate demolition costs, increase in property value, increased life span which in long term reduces the overall cost. EVERTILE products significantly soften the noise of rain resulting for far more comfort for you and your neighbors.

Can the tiles develop rust?

No, the anti-corrosive protection is guaranteed by our steel sheet with ALUZINC® coating. When the layers of paints and varnishes are organized within the design, you can expect a significant increase in lifespan and anti-corrosive qualities (greater than 50 years).

How do steel tiles compare to shingles in terms of energy costs?

It is a fact that many people around the globe claim the reduction in energy costs with steel tiles because asphalt or bitumen shingles get extremely hot in the summer. On the contrary, the seal of the shingles in the winter time will reduce the home temperature. Metal tiles enable enhanced ventilation above the plywood, resulting in elimination of accumulated condensation and superior effectiveness when dealing with extreme temperatures.

How does EVERTILE compare to other steel roofing tiles?

EVERTILE is a modern roofing manufacturing company that focuses on using raw materials of the absolute highest quality and advanced performance. Our team at EVERTILE constantly seek for innovations and new solutions to improve the product which is based on our 20 years of experience and development. Along with our uncompromised quality we also provide competitive prices. EVERTILE offers a wide selection of choices on color and accessories.

How do steel roof tiles compare to clay roof tiles?

EVERTILE design maintains its authenticity of the traditional style of clay tiles. Technically, there is no comparison. The steel tiles win across every category such as a containing a lighter weight which contributes to the architectural design as it does not require additional reinforcements. The steel roofs hold a better durability and color stability. For construction purposes, the installation and handling is simple alongside the anti-brittle properties that avoid fracturing or cracking unlike clay.

Do the tiles require any maintenance?

No, our tiles are 100% maintenance free. Our only recommendation is to control the lichen appearance if existent in your region because lichen can disturb the surface coating. The lichen problem will not be a setback past the surface layer as EVERTILE products contain anti-lichen substances located under the surface coating.

Why do we use stainless steel nails?

The main reason is to increase resistance and lifespan of the entire roof. Permanently fixing the galvanized material can degrade the quality but using stainless steel screw-nails links the material efficiently without compromising the tiles. Stainless steel nails will win the fight against erosion from rain, snow or any other precipitation in your area. These screw-nails are varnished and have a thread body with a torx grooving head for simplistic dismantling, if necessary.

If you have any other questions or need further explanation on a topic, then please do not hesitate to inquire either through our website or directly calling us.