QUADRIC – Roof Tiles with stone granulate CUBIC SAND


Roof Tiles with stone granulate CUBIC SAND

QUADRIC is the latest product in the portfolio of EVERTILE. Quadric design is inspired by the American style of roofing. Rectangular shapes evoke the look of stacked bituminous shingles, but instead are much more 3D and provide immense strength and durability. Unlike shingles, QUADRIC tiles are fire resistant which makes it an ideal alternative. Along with safety our tiles are also more appealing, more color stable and totally eliminate working with or applying any bitumen.

Installation is fast and simple as tiles are secured onto battens or rails using screw nails. Our extensive list of accessories makes it really simple and convenient to install our product. Some accessories include: walk ways, grids, snow holders, solar panels, brackets, and trims. Additionally, we accommodate all satellites, vents and chimneys.

The roof covering withstand incredibly high wind speeds and stacking snow load. QUADRIC can be used on roof slopes from 15 °.

How many QUADRIC tiles and accessories do you need?

Calculate how many tiles you need to cover your roof with our web calculator or contact our customer service.

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Weight 6.5 kg/m2 Fire Resistance Resistance to extreme climate Windproof 30 years of warranty Dampens the noise of rain Fast and simple installation

quadric detail